( Essere ” Anima -le ” )

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Man and animal perhaps… the reasons for this bond are lost in the mists of time, a bond sometimes unbreakable, sometimes necessary, the reason for this union has been survival.

A bond that sometimes faltered due to distrust between the two, leading to an arcane fear about their supposed powers, but also because of their association with vices and virtues of a religious morality that was prevalent in certain historical periods. The symbolism with these meanings also created a mystery around animals, arousing fascination in people.

Animal and territory: a tale that stretches back to the most distant times where many stories have been associated with these “man and animal” bonds. However, I don’t intend to tell or reference them. With my works (I prefer to call them that even though they are photographic shots), I try to recreate a sort of medieval bestiary, reinterpreted in a modern key where the individual “BEING” has a close bond with Soul and Anima(le), playing with a pun from the perfect union.

The interpretation of animals and time had a symbolic or religious reading that served as a warning to give up one’s vices and pursue the virtues attributed to them.

With these “works,” I aim to create a sort of singularity between the faces of people and animals, becoming Being and Soul-animals, the analogy that binds them together and creates fundamental connections that indicate and suggest the attribution of specific properties and meanings, where each animal has its human counterpart.

The analogy of my shots starts from an evident fact that creates symbiosis between man and animal. A search that uncovers connections between the visible finite world and the invisible one, as we know it.

Connections emanating from “Beings with Soul-animals”, shapes and colors with characteristics and attributions from the past that thus become one with the composition of the shot.

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